2019 Members

2017 AFCC Oregon Chapter Members

Tonya Alexander – BS, JD – Alexander Law, PC
Sara Angeletti – JD, OR – Sara Angeletti Law
Jacy Arnold – Arnold Law
Liz Baker – MSW L
Sheryl Balthrop – JD – Gaydos Churnside & Balthrop
Austin Batalden – JD – Yates Family Law, PC
Kathryn Behel – ConsensusArts
Samantha Benton – JD – Oregon Judicial Department
Victoria Bones – LCSW, MSW – Victoria M Bones Counseling & Consulting
Lori Bonnevier – LCSW – Lori Bonnevier LCSW, LLC
Wendy Bourg – PhD
Alta Brady – Oregon Judicial Department
Peter Bunch – JD – The Law Firm of Peter Bunch, LLC
Ray Burleigh – Ryan, Ryan and Burleigh Mental Health Consultants
Jennifer Clark – PsyD – Pacific University
Elise Crum – IRIS Educational Media, Inc.
Vicky Curry – PhD
Tiffany Davidson – BS, JD – Tiffany Davidson Attorney at Law, P.C.
Tracy Dennis – BS, MS
Michael Dwyer – JD – Dwyer Mediation Center
Saville Easley – BA, JD – Gevurtz Menashe
Eric Einhorn
Cori Erickson – MS – Idaho Supreme Court
Bethany Flint – Deschutes County Circuit Court
Lisa Gabardi – PhD – Lisa Gabardi, Ph.D., LLC
Marjorie Gans Walters – PhD
David Gearing – JD – Gearing, Rackner & Engel, LLP
Kathleen Gillis – PsyD
Donald Gordon – PhD – Center for Divorce Education
Julia Hagan – JD – Gevurtz Menashe Larson & Howe, PC
Sherrene Hagenbach – BS, MS
Jeffrey Hall – Oregon Judicial Department
Jodiann Harvey – MA – Deschutes County Health Services
Hope Hicks – Oregon Judicial Department
Sequoia Hill – Lane County Family Mediation
Lauren Holland – Judge – Lane County Circuit Court
Laurel Hook – JD – Stahancyk Kent & Hook P.C.
William Howe – JD
Conrad Hutterli – JD – Conrad G Hutterli, Attorney at Law
Kristen Jocums – Peaceful Family Solutions
Caryn Jones – McKean Smith
Teresa Kintigh – MA – Solutions Therapy, Consulting and Traini
Vicki Kipp – BA – Co-Parent Connection LLC
Scott Leibenguth – JD – Leibenguth Law
Robert Loveland – PhD – Robert J. Loveland, Ph.D., P.C.
Lauren MacNeill – JD – Clackamas County Resolution Services
Cassandra Marshall – BA, JD
Kevin McHargue – JD, OR – St. Andrew Legal Clinic
Collin McKean – JD – McKean Smith LLC
Leola Mckenzie – JD – Oregon Judicial Department
Patrick Melendy – Leahy, Van Vactor, Cox & Melendy, LLP
Henry Miller – PsyD – Northwest Family and Forensic
Bradford Miller – Stahancyk, Kent & Hook
Judith Moyer – Multnomah County Family Services
James OConnor – JD
Jane Parisi-Mosher – Family Life Counseling Associates
Zena Polly – PhD
Landon Poppleton – PhD – NW Family Psychology, LLC
Jennifer Purcell
Laura Rackner – JD – Gearing, Rackner, Engle, McGrath, LLP
Suzanne Revelle – JD – Suzanne Revelle, Attorney at Law, P.C.
Lorena Reynolds – The Reynolds Law Firm
Sara Rich – MSW
Michael Romano – BS, JD – Romano Law, P.C.
Kathryn Root – Gevurtz Menashe Larson & Howe, PC
Tobias Ryan
Colin Ryan – BA, MS – Ryan, Ryan, & Burleigh, LLC
Charlene Sabin – MD
Linda Scher
Diana Shera Taylor – JD – Taylor Dispute Resolution
Linda Sherman – PhD
Robert Smith – JD, MDiv
Crosby Smith – BA, MS – Josephine County Juvenile Justice
Annelisa Smith – McKean Smith
Jody Stahancyk – Stahancyk Kent & Hook, PC
Mindy Stannard – McKean Smith
Judith Swinney – JD – Parenting Consultant
Katherine Tennyson – OR Judicial Department
Steven Thomas – Corey, Byler & Rew, LLP
Edward Vien – PhD
Michelle Vlach-Ing – Michelle L. H. Ing LLC
Lillian Watson – BA, JD – Gresham Family & Bankruptcy Law
Adam Wendt – BMC – IRIS Educational Media
Lee Anne Wichmann – MA – Solutions Therapy, Consulting & Training
Sharon Williams – JD
Robin Wright – BA, JD – Gevurtz Menashe Larson & Howe PC

Terms of Use
This on-line membership resource directory was created as an Oregon Chapter member benefit to provide a useful listing of its current membership and the services the member provides. This on-line directory is for informational purposes only. Inclusion in the on-line directory does not constitute endorsement of the services by the Oregon Chapter of AFCC, or the Parent Organization, AFCC. No steps have been taken to verify any of the information that has been self-reported.