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2019 AFCC Oregon Chapter Conference

De-escalation and Reconnection

How adult attachment research and international peacekeeping strategies provide new hope for the resolution of intractable family conflict and parent-child contact problems


                   –  John A. Moran, PhD

                    –  Michael A. Saini, PhD

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Conference Material 2019

Sutton 2018 Review of Attachment Theory Familial Predictors Continuity and Change and Intrapersonal and Relational Outcomes

Burgess H. & Burgess, G. (2015) Applying the Strategies of International Peacebuilding to Family Conflicts

Conflict Stages Brahm 2003 from Beyond Intractability website

Destructive Escalation Maiese 2003 from Beyond Intractability website

Melissa McNelis & Chris Segrin (2019)- Insecure Attachment Predicts History of Divorce, Marriage, and Current Relationship Status

Nature of Intractability Kriesberg, 2003 from Beyond Intractability website

Polak and Saini 2018 The Complexity of Families Involved in High Conflict Disputes A Postseparation Ecological Transactional Fra

Saini 2012 Reconceptualizing high conflict divorce as a Maladaptive Attachment Response

2018 Annual Conference: Friday, April 13, 2018

Will the Entire Family Please Step Up: Child, Parent and Professional Perspectives

Marsha Kline Pruett, Ph.D., MSL, Kyle Pruett, MD, Stacy Platt, JD

Honorable Kathryn Tennyson, Honorable Karrie McIntyre, Honorable Bethany Powers Flint

Conference Materials 2018

Oregon AFCC, child participation

AFCC OR 4-2018

Fathers Step up part 1

Father’s Step Up part 2

2018 AFCC OR Conference Readings Platt article Child Participation[1]

2018 AFCC OR Conference Readings Pruett Deutsch Drozd Step-up Planning 2016[1]

2018 AFCC OR Conference Readings Pruett Sustaining Father Relationships or Not[1]

2018 AFCC OR Conference Readings McIntosh_et_al-2014-Family_Court_Review[1]

2018 Conference Program FINAL[2]

Oregon AFCC, Child Participation 2